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One of the crucial decisions you’ve got to make concerning your events, especially your wedding ceremony is choosing a photographer for that day. Not only choose, but make sure you select the best one for your event.

Have you been curious about how to select the best wedding photographer for your event? Yeah! Take a deep breath, smile, and pay close attention as we journey through this piece.

Based on my years of experience coupled with some intelligent research, I have come up with a list of questions you should ask your wedding photographer before your wedding day, and of course extending to all your events. It’s important to ensure you pick the right photographer for your event because many factors distinguish one photographer from the other.

These questions when perfectly applied will help you in choosing the best wedding photographer for your event, and ultimately have magnificent photography for your day, anywhere in the world.

Do any of your packages have second photographers?

The next brilliant question you will love to ask your photographer from here is if there is any associate or second photographers to work with. Not every wedding needs a second photographer, but depending on the size of your wedding, a second shooter may be a good idea. This will make it easier to capture important images especially if you are having a large wedding with a tight timeline. Having a second photographer also makes it possible to capture various moments simultaneously, for example, capturing the moment the couples are taking the vows and also taking the expression on the faces of friends, relatives, and others. To get detailed packages click here .

Do you shoot film, digital or a mix of both?

Another leading question for your wedding photographer is his preferred style of work; does he shoots digital or film, is it photo journalistic (involving stories), traditional or fine art. Although digital is most common today but if your goal is to have film, then you want to ensure that your wedding photographer is able to do this.Can I see a sample wedding gallery?

Can I see a sample wedding gallery?

You can also ask for their recent work samples to see how their work looks like. By asking for their wedding gallery, you get an idea of what their style is and what to expect for yours. For instance, if you are a person that loves first look sessions and the photographer has a ton of those, then you can tell he is experienced in doing it. Check out our wedding gallery here.

How long will it take to capture certain moments?

For instance, how much time does it typically take for the wedding portraits or first look pictures, etc. knowing this will also help you schedule out enough time on the wedding timeline to ensure you are not sacrificing your picture time or missing important poses due to lack of time. In our experience, couples that are fully satisfied with their images after the wedding are those who gave the photographers an adequate amount of time to capture each moment especially when it comes to their portraits as a couple and the bridal party. Work with your wedding planner or coordinator to plan properly.

When and how will our wedding images be delivered?

You would like to also know the time it will take for your work to be ready and delivered after the wedding. Now, it varies for different photographers, but you will want to know how long it will take and how to access and share your images. This will help you plan accordingly especially if you need them fast. Having a clear understanding of the timeline is important to set expectations between yourself and the photographer. For instance, if it will take a couple of months, you could ask for a sneak peek or a small image gallery to show to friends and family or post on social media.

How can we help you create the perfect images?

Ask your photographer how you can help create the images of your dreams. This can be a variety of things, for instance assigning enough time for your portraits and first look pictures so your photographer is not scrambling or fighting tooth and nail for time to take your pictures. Or maybe it could be ensuring the location for you to get ready has enough natural light and enough space for great poses and pictures. As photographers, our goal is to capture the memories of your special day and make it memorable for you. Being able to collaborate with our clients is always helpful in ensuring they achieve their desired pictures.

Now that we have all those out, don’t forget to ask for the contract details, the payment methods; are installations allowed or upfront payment? One last thing you should never forget to ask your photographer is how to make the booking. Having cleared all doubts and you’re sure this person is the right fit for your wedding, the next thing is to seal the deal and there you’re on the path to having the fascinating and memorable wedding experience you’ve always dream of!!

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