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The pandemic left in its wake a change in the narrative in how we do things, and weddings are no exceptions. Gone are the days when people planned large wedding ceremonies. Intimate weddings or micro weddings as some people refer to them in some neighborhoods are fast gaining popularity.

Arguably, intimate weddings have always been in existence. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made these miniature-sized weddings more popular. You may be wondering if any benefits can come from having a small wedding. Will a small ceremony ruin the magic in your “big day” and decrease the beauty of your photographs?

As a photographer, I have recently come to embrace the idea of intimate weddings. These micro weddings are unique and can be the extra ingredients to make your day truly special and your photographs breathtaking. Let’s find out how! You can also check out this Intimate Wedding At The Towson Circuit Court to view an intimate/court wedding i was privileged to photograph.

#1. With a small Wedding, you can be fully in the moment

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It is easy for you and your family to be preoccupied with several details while planning a big wedding. However, in the case of a small wedding, there are lesser things to plan for. In an intimate wedding, couples are surrounded by close family and friends. You wouldn’t be as much concerned if everything doesn’t go as planned because you may not be trying to create an impression on your loved ones. You are more likely to focus on enjoying the moment with your loved ones than having a picture-perfect wedding.

#2. Affords your Photographer Freedom to Move and Capture those Rare Moments

Lesser number of people at a wedding means free movement, especially for the photographer. When the photographer can move around with ease, he, or she can get the shots from better angles. The couple can also enjoy their big day in a more relaxed atmosphere and truly connect with their guests.

#3. Creates Room for a Deeper Connection

There are likely no strangers in an intimate wedding. Most of the guests will be close family and friends and the couple. There is, therefore, a greater chance that the wedding will be filled with joy and laughter. The reason for the joy can be because shared traditions and events are brought to remembrance. With an intimate wedding, the wedding can become a truly memorable one.

#4. Opportunity to have Virtual Guests

Your wedding guest list can be limitless with an intimate wedding. Your distant friends, family, and associates can attend your wedding virtually from all over the world. With an intimate wedding, you can cut down on the time and resources involved in planning a big wedding with over 400 guests. Using online platforms like zoom, even your loved ones that may not make it because of distance or health condition can be there on your day.

#5. Heightened Emotional Expression

One of the things that make intimate weddings stand out is the emotional element. A large number of persons at a wedding may increase the anxiety level of the couple. So it will not be surprising to see couples holding back their emotions.

On the other hand, the couple feels more relaxed within their close circle and can freely express deep emotions during the ceremony. The display of genuine emotions is one of the rarest sights that make wedding photography stand out. Photographers are always on the lookout to capture those moments.

Tips for Hiring a Photographer for Intimate Wedding

The wedding ceremony will only last for a day but those moments will last for a lifetime when you capture them. A wedding day is one of the special days in the life of so many people. Saving the memories of that special day is possible when you hire a good photographer. While looking to hire a photographer, what are the things you need to look out for?

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Pay close attention to how you feel

You will most likely have to go through the gallery or website of the proposed photographer you would want to hire. But before sealing the deal, find out how you felt while going through the website. When you have some sort of emotional response to the sample photographs you will see, it shows that you cherish the portraits and images you see. Always go for what you like.

Request for images of an entire wedding bearing your venue in mind

You will most likely hold your wedding event in a smaller space that may have lesser lighting because of the small number of guests. You would naturally want to hire someone who can deliver a perfect job. If you are having an indoor event, it will be ideal to request images of indoor weddings to see if the photographer can handle settings with lowlights.

Look beyond what you see on the website

The website is usually the point of sale for most photographers. Much effort is put into websites to make them attractive to intending clients. Be sure to look at the pictures carefully to determine they are what you want. Also, ensure that the images you are being shown are from real weddings and not models. You can always invite a second opinion if you are uncertain. You can read more about essential questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Check the personality of the photographer

The personality of the photographer is as vital as the work he or she will deliver. You will most likely be spending a considerable amount of time with the photographer on your special day. Right from the first look, down to the moment you will be getting dressed till the end of the ceremony. You may as well go for someone with a likable personality whose presence you will enjoy having around. Check out our about me page.

Spread your net

Do not limit your interview to one photographer. It is always ideal to widen your options. You may decide to interview a minimum of three different photographers before making a choice. You will be more conducted about your choice if you interview more than one person before hiring.

Stick to your budget

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to hire a professional photographer. Always keep your budget in mind and try to hire someone who will be willing to work within your budget range.

Wrapping Up

Your wedding day is more special when you are surrounded by the ones you love. While planning to have a magical intimate wedding, remember to capture those moments so that you can have something to look back on fondly in years to come.

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