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Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding day

This look right here is how we want you to feel on your wedding day and if there is one gift I could give all my couples, it will be the wonderful gift of a stress-free wedding day. Right from when they open their eyes in the morning to when they go to bed. Most couples especially the brides want to enjoy every moment of their big day and soak in the memories especially by looking at the pictures afterward. Couples want to be able to re-live their wedding day when they look at their wedding albums. This is probably what everyone expects from the pictures taken on their big day. However, our years of experience have made us realize that most of our couples get their shoot done with so much running at the back of their minds. Our goal is to help you have a stress-free wedding.

With the groom stressed out about last-minute logistics and the bride busy getting comfortable with her dress, it’s almost impossible for us to click them in a glowing avatar. Remember! Your stress shows on your face and ruins your photos. Even with the best photography gear and an expert team, we can’t magically hide the stress and anxiousness in your pictures. It’s only you who can ensure the glow of your pictures and the trick is simple! don’t stress out.

Obviously, you will feel nervous as the event comes closer. All we want from you is not to take unnecessary stress right before your event. Here are some tips based on my wedding experiences that are bound to help you have the stress-free wedding day of your dreams.

Hire An Event Planner Or Day of Coordinator

Do this even if you’re an excellent event manager yourself. You do not want to be working as a staff member of some hotel on your wedding day. Let someone else do that for you while you stressfully roam around the wedding venue, greet the guests and get your candid shots taken.

Even when you cannot afford a big-name event planner in the wedding industry, we suggest you request a colleague or an acquaintance you trust to help you with the day’s management. You can pay them for their services too. If this person is someone you already know is great at their job, you wouldn’t even have to worry about getting yourself substandard services while trying to save money.

Have Some Time To Yourselves

Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding ceremony

We believe that couples look the best in photos when they are comfortable with each other. Once you both are ready to take to the venue, make sure you have talked to one another and are not overwhelmed at all. Your meeting as a couple will surely calm you two and will ensure that beaming smile on your faces that we photographers love to capture.

Try on your dress before the day

This is especially important for brides, know how long it will take you to put on your wedding dress. There are so many types of dresses and some are more complicated than others. By trying it on beforehand, you know how long you need to dress up and if you need extra help with it.

Don’t Shy Away from Requesting For Help

Tips For A Stress-Free and calm Wedding day

We have seen so many of our shy grooms and brides clearly hesitating while asking for help from their friends and family members. The results are simple, the couple ends up having all the responsibility on their shoulders.

We want all our grooms and brides to understand that there is no harm in asking for help on your big day. Speaking from experience, many guests at your wedding would willingly take part in whatever it is that reduces your stress. After all, it is your big day, and you need some attention. If someone is ready to treat you two special for a single day, why not take advantage of that? You can always pay them back later in life.

Location, Location, Location

Try to pick a location to get ready that’s close to your wedding venue or onsite. This will save you a lot of time and stress from trying to commute right after getting dressed up. You definitely do not want to look stressed out for your first set of pictures right after getting your makeup done. From experience, I have noticed brides and grooms who pay attention to ensuring their venues are close enough are less stressed. If by any chance your event is in the Baltimore area, I wrote a post about the best Baltimore wedding venues.

Pay attention to lightning

Tips For A relaxing and Stress-Free Wedding day

As much as you can, for your getting ready pictures, pick a room that has windows or enough light. This will help your photographer and make-up artist a lot. Natural light will give you a glimpse of what your make-up really looks like plus it will ensure you get great pictures.

Give yourself enough time

One mistake couples make is to plan the schedule for the wedding day too tightly. Give yourself like two or three hours more than you think you will need just in case random things come up, which they would for instance a vendor running late, getting lost on the way to the venue, etc. I have had so many couples make this mistake, especially when getting ready takes longer and then cut down on their portrait session time and thus sacrifice their pictures. To be honest, I am yet to see a wedding that every single thing goes perfectly but when you have some extra time planned in, you are bound to be less stressed when mishaps occur.

Get some food

Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding day and great pictures

Nothing is more depressing than starving couples and bridal party. The wedding day goes by so fast and you probably would not get to eat anything till cocktail hour so the best thing to do for yourself and your bridal party is to grab some food to avoid looking famished, fainting, or passing out during your ceremony. I usually would recommend couples eat breakfast and also have some snacks on hand with their bridal party so they can sneak in some bites.

Get some sleep

This is probably the simplest but most important. I know your excitement is high, but try to get a good night’s sleep the day before. You need the energy to keep you through the day plus who wants to wake up in the morning exhausted and with bags under their eyes?

So there you have it, I hope you found these tips helpful for a stress-free wedding day. These tips are sure to help your wedding day go so much smoother and less stressful to ensure you get those memorable pictures you deserve. These tips are some that I have experienced from shooting several weddings in various seasons. The wedding day is such an important day in your life and that of your friends and family, it’s a day you have all been looking forward to, so cherish this moment!

When you entrust your vision and wedding ceremony into our hands at Goksydephotography, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands because we value telling a great story of your special day and producing classic, emotional, and priceless pieces to last you a lifetime and be passed down for generations

If you would like to work with us for your wedding day, you can reach out to us with a phone call or via email. We can’t wait to help plan your wedding ceremony!

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