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Are you making a wedding to-do list? That list wouldn’t be complete without a bridal portrait session. Bridal portraits have weathered the storm of changing trends and cut through the barriers of cultural differences. You will agree with me that bridal portraits are increasingly getting popular by the day.

The popularity of bridal portraits has not been lost on many photographers. More and more photographers now include bridal portrait sessions as a vital part of the package they offer to couples. But are bridal portraits that important? What is the origin? Do I need to include a bridal portrait session in my wedding plan? I will answer these questions and more in this article, so read on.

Origin of Bridal Portraits

Bridal portrait was a common practice by Southern brides with the approval of their families. Few months before their wedding, these brides arrange for a photoshoot with their photographer in their wedding attire. Though Southern brides popularized bridal portraits, its origin has been traced to Europe.

In the past, in Europe, bridal portrait sessions were arranged by the bride’s family for their daughters. This portrait was then framed and placed on a display where everyone could see it. The images serve as a reminder to the family about the special day. Unfortunately, oil paintings were not a cheap commodity, so only the wealthy could afford them.

However, with the advent of cameras, bridal portraits have become more affordable. When cameras came into the scene, they were heavy, and therefore, it wasn’t easy to move them around. As a result, brides had to go to the studio to pose for pictures. The pictures were then framed and kept in their homes.

While the bridal portrait tradition is common in the South, it has no restrictions to the southern region. You can decide to have a bridal portrait wherever you are after considering the benefits that come with it.

Importance of bridal portraits

Many benefits come with having a bridal portrait before your “big day.” Some of the benefits include:

#1. Allows you to know your photographer

A bridal portrait session allows you to know your photographer. One of the vital factors that affect how wedding photos turn out is the couple’s connection with the photographer. Chances are that your pictures will not turn out well if you don’t connect with your photographer. Getting to know your photographer is essential. After all, you will be seeing them around all through your wedding.

Having a bridal portrait is also a great way to ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page. I believe you already know how you want your wedding photos to look. However, your photographer won’t reproduce what you visualize in your wedding pictures unless they understand what you want. The bridal portrait session is a good opportunity to understand their style and what works best for them.

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#2. Serves as a Dress Rehearsal

Having a dress rehearsal for your wedding won’t be a bad idea, and a bridal portrait makes this happen. You will be in your wedding apparel with your hair and makeup in place in your bridal portrait session. This helps you to try out several looks and know what would suit you.

You will also see how your wedding dress fits and some adjustments you may need to make before D-Day. Then, you can practically try out your plans and see how it works in reality during your bridal portrait session.

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#3. Allows you to get Great Shots

The wedding day may come with some level of anxiety. Technically, you are concerned about how everything will work out, so stress is understandable. However, the bridal portrait is a good time to get great pictures in a stress-free environment. You don’t even have to bother about time contrast as you will have enough time to take as many shots as possible.

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#4. Creates a lasting memory

All the events around your wedding are special. Your bridal portraits add magic to those moments. When you have your images, you can display them as a constant reminder of your happy moments. Opportunities to dress up beautifully and take shots don’t come often? So you may as well maximize the moment by enjoying every bit of it.

A bridal portrait shot doesn’t have to be restricted to the studio or even your wedding venue. You can explore several other options. Even if you don’t plan on having a themed wedding ceremony, you can have different themes for your portrait. All you have to do is to speak to your photographer and watch your dreams materialize.

#5. Enables you Maximize your Wedding Dress

Most brides put in so much effort in finding a wedding dress. However, they only get to wear these dresses for a few hours on the wedding day. However, with a bridal portrait session, brides can enjoy the feel of their wedding dresses for a more extended period. This helps to compensate for the time and effort spent in picking the perfect dress.

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What to do with a Bridal Portrait

Once you have gotten your portrait, what you decide to do with it is totally up to you. However, you may choose to display it in your home. Bridal portraits are familiar sights in most homes as they are shown in the living room and hallway where people can easily see them.

Another way to put your portraits into good use is to display them at the venue of your wedding reception. Your photographer can help you print your favorite picture and frame it to be displayed at the reception. As a result, your portrait will not only be one of the highlights of your event but will bring great delight to your guests.

Scheduling your Bridal Portrait Session

You may need to put so many things into consideration before scheduling your bridal portrait session. These tips would help in no small way to ensure you have a perfect portrait session.


Schedule a date for the session once your wedding dress is ready: It is ideal to schedule your bridal portrait session 3-6 weeks before your big day. You may decide on two to three dates that will be convenient for both you and your photographer.

Decide on the location of your portrait session: You need to make up your mind on whether you want an outdoor session or not. If you are considering an outdoor session, you will also need to consider possible weather constraints. Furthermore, find out what you may need to pay for the use of the venue. Knowing if the location has a place you could change your clothes will also help you come prepared.

Find out if the location is accessible on the scheduled dates: It is always best to schedule your bridal portrait session for weekdays, as most photographers usually book weekends.

Gather your team: your team consists of your hair and makeup artists. Please schedule an appointment with them on time to avoid last-minute cancellations. Consider the distance from where you are to the location of the shoot while planning. This will help you manage your time better.

Don’t forget to order your bouquet from a florist: Getting your bouquet ready is vital. You may also decide to bring a close friend or family along.


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Bridal portraits have become a growing trend and offer significant benefits to the couple and the photographer. Whether you want to have one for dress rehearsals or to preserve the memory for the future, a bridal portrait session should be part of your wedding list “must-do.”

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