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If you have recently gotten engaged, there is nothing more special than taking engagement photos with your fiancé and capture that lovely moment of your life.

Those moments are so precious. Capturing them will make them even more special for a lifetime. So, whenever you’ll see your engagement photo album, even after ages, you’ll feel and cherish those lovely moments again. In addition, engagement photos are most likely to be used throughout your wedding journey. Engagement photos should be taken a couple of months before starting your wedding preparations. There is no compulsion or a fixed schedule for this but it is suggested to capture engagement photos earlier so that you don’t have any pending work before your wedding preps actually start and you can use it for your save the date and wedding websites.

Top reasons why you need engagement photos

Everyone loves to take photographs. In old times, it was only on some special occasions or weddings, but today, people take hundreds of photographs daily, including self-images (selfies). If you are still wondering why Engagement Photos are necessary for you? Then let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you need engagement photos.

So here we go:

Your Camera shyness will be gone.

Many people feel shy in front of the camera. It is a good chance to leave your camera shyness behind and capturing photos of your engagement. In this way, you will feel comfortable and relaxed at your wedding day because you’ve already gone through such a process on your engagement.

You’ll be able to express yourself openly.

It is obvious that you are getting engaged to be married later. It would be a golden chance for you to practice some poses and learn how to make perfect angles during wedding photography. In this way, you will express yourself more openly at your wedding

You’ll be familiar with your photographer.

Your photographer is undoubtedly the person with whom you spend the most time on your wedding day. You will probably be with you during the getting ready process, the first look, the reception, the family portraits, cake cutting, etc.  So it is particularly important to create a bond to you before the big day. You will have a chance to get to know one another on a more personal level during the engagement session that helps you make your wedding day so much more relaxed.

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