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One of the vital yet neglected parts of a wedding plan is the photo timeline. Photographs are one of the treasured relics of every wedding. How your wedding photographs turn out is highly dependent not just on the skill of your photographer but on your photo timeline. You need to factor your photo timing into your planning so that you don’t hurriedly take your shots.

Common questions that always come up during the planning for the wedding always bothers on timing. When is the perfect time for the photoshoot? How long is the wedding ceremony going to last? When is the ideal time to have a first look? How long will the cocktail last and how can I capture those moments? When is the ideal time to have dinner? and so many more.

To plan your wedding photo timeline, you will need your photographer every step of the way. You are investing a considerable amount of money in your wedding photos so you may as well get the best from them. What are the things you need to put into consideration while planning a wedding photo timeline that will give you enough room to capture those magic moments? Let’s dive in.

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Get the time of your ceremony right

The time of the ceremony is very vital in building the best wedding photo timeline. If you haven’t gotten around to fixing a specific time for the ceremony, you need to do so. Once you fix the time for the ceremony, it is ideal to subtract 30 minutes to 1hour before and after the wedding ceremony. This would give your photographer ample time to take those great shots of you and your heartthrob, family, and friends. The first look usually comes up before the beginning of the ceremony. Have that in mind while fixing time for the ceremony.

Pay attention to your First Look

Decide on when you are going to have your first look. The purpose of having a wedding photo timeline is so that you won’t miss out on opportunities to get great shots.  Having a fixed time for your first look and incorporating it into your entire wedding plan is a great way to hit it off on the right side.

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Consider the Distance Between Venues

Most couples have their ceremony in a place that is different from their reception venue. If that is the case with you, you need to consider the time it would take to move from one venue to another. Many things can lead to delays on the way, thereby encroaching into your timing for photos. Always factor in extra time to avoid surprises.

Planning your Wedding Photo Timeline

Begin with the ceremony time and subtract between 30 minutes to 1 hour to be used for taking portraits before and after the ceremony. From the 1 hour you have assigned to portraits, cut out 20 minutes for family portraits (30 to 40 minutes if you have a pretty large family). You may decide to use the 1 hour before the ceremony for your bride and groom photos as well as photos with immediate family and leave the larger group till after the ceremony can save you a lot of time.


You can never go wrong with a wedding photo timeline. Planning your photo timeline gives you some measure of predictability and enables you to capture those moments that you will look back on in the future.

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