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A pre-wedding photo session is an essential wedding activity. It’s a chance to escape the rigors of wedding planning for a few hours and have fun with each other. You’ll get all these fantastic images from this session that you can use wherever you want to. Especially if you have your pre-wedding photo session with us here at Goksyde Photography (Wink).

If you haven’t had your pictures taken professionally in a while, you’re probably a bit worried. That’s okay, a lot of couples are like you when they make this decision. There isn’t much to do by way of preparation. Just get the following few things handled, and you’ll be good to go.

Be Ready

When it comes to your engagement session with your Baltimore wedding photographer, the little details matter. For example, you should go for a manicure, so you can proudly show off your ring. Wear the right color of socks so you can confidently stand tall and smile wide.

Small details like these can make all the difference. The night before, you can put all the props you intend to use together, so you don’t forget anything. Another thing you can do is schedule your makeup and hair trials just before your session. That way, you’ll show up looking and feeling your very best for the shoot.

Bring Two or Three Clothes

Two heads are better than one is a famous saying. As your Baltimore wedding photographer, I’d like to state that two clothes are better than one too. Pick two or three of your favorite outfits and bring them along to your pre-wedding photo session. Doing this will give you a chance to try out many looks and pick the one which works for you. Most couples tend to bring a casual outfit and a serious one to get both kinds of looks.

It’s Okay to Be A Bit Nervous

Like we said earlier, it’s okay to have a few nerves prior. Don’t worry; we don’t expect you to be like models in this photoshoot. All we want is that you relax and be yourself in front of our camera.

Forget about all those numerous poses you saw on the internet and enjoy yourselves. The best kind of pictures are genuine ones. Remember to keep in mind that your aim to get and use amazing photos at the end.

Get Your Props Ready

Props are one of the ways that you can personalize your photoshoot. Are you a known fan of baseball? Then bring a bat! Anything special to you both can make for great props. Furry friends also make a shoot better. So, if you have a four-legged friend, you can absolutely come with them. We’ll find ways to incorporate them in your shoot. You’ll love the end results. Your pre-wedding photo session is about you telling your story as a couple. Everything that helps you tell that story in the best way is welcome.

·Make After Plans Too

After getting all made up and dressed up for your pre-wedding photo session, don’t just go back home. That’ll be an almost anti-climax to the fun you’ve had all day. How about scheduling a lovely dinner date at a nice restaurant? Now that you’ve had a chance at a break from planning, maximize it to the fullest. Go somewhere nice, just the two of you, relax and keep having fun together. Best of luck!!!

If you need a Baltimore wedding photographer who will ensure you get the best images from your wedding, give us a ring. Here at Goksyde Photography, we believe that your wedding memories can and should be preserved through pictures. Contact us today!


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